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Service Guide

Requesting service is easy

We feel privileged to have the opportunity to serve your modular building needs. We take great pride in being there for you when you need us, and strive to provide you with exceptional care.

At SKC Company, it is more than taking another order – it’s about providing you with the solutions you require for your space needs. f at any time we are not meeting your expectations, please call us at (909) 740-3120, and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to help you.

Your lease includes service calls by SKC and its authorized subcontractors for repairs resulting from routine wear and tear of the building and equipment. Your lease does not include charges for any service performed by other vendors or individuals.

The following items are not included in your Lease Agreement and such services are not provided by SKC Company: janitorial services, HVAC filter replacement, HVAC coil cleaning, light bulb replacement and pest control. Customer is responsible for damages caused by theft or vandalism, accidents, negligence, improper maintenance, failure to report water leaks in a timely manner, extreme weather, or acts of God.

What’s your part? You are responsible for:

  • Completing a visual inspection of the equipment to confirm its condition at the time of delivery and notifying SKC COMPANY of any quality concerns.
  • Providing the required level of 230v, three wires, single-phase electrical service and hook-up.
  • Filling the hot water heater (if applicable) with water before electricity is turned on– this will prevent damage to the heating element.
  • Water and sewer connections: Make sure the installer cleans and flushes the lines of all foreign debris before connecting to the building.
  • Any plumbing repairs needed due to clogged urinals or toilets. Contact a qualified plumber before placing a service call.
  • Protecting water lines from freezing by providing heat tape or tubing insulation.
  • Protecting interior and exterior walls and trim from damage. Any objects such as nails, screws, pipes, conduit, j-boxes, or anything else larger than a thumb tack, which penetrate wall surfaces may result in charges for repairs upon return. Do not use tape or other adhesives to adhere items to walls.
  • General flooring care: Please keep flooring clean and free of stains. Protect floors from rolling chair damage by using proper protective floor mats. Floor wax should be applied to vinyl tile (VCT) flooring regularly. Contact SKC COMPANY if further instructions are needed.
  • Reporting any signs of water leakage (i.e. stained ceiling tiles, broken windows, soft areas on floor below windows and/ or doors, etc.) in a timely manner to ensure appropriate resolution of the issue and to mitigate further damage caused by delayed repair. Please note it is not uncommon for leaks to occur following delivery or relocation of a modular building. A dry surface is required to properly seal leaks. Lessor will do its utmost to seal any leaks in a timely manner once weather permits.
  • Obtaining approval from SKC COMPANY before any modifications are made to the building.
  • Any charges associated with re-leveling the building or ramps due to the settlement of the ground surface. Please note that releveling and relocation of leased equipment must be performed by SKC COMPANY unless otherwise approved in writing.
  • HVAC Maintenance, including:
  1. Cleaning/replacing HVAC filters at least every 3 months (monthly in dusty or dirty environments) is required.
  2. HVAC coils must be cleaned and flushed by a qualified HVAC technician at least annually.
  3. Failure to keep the filters clean will result in coil freeze ups and other malfunctions of the system.
  4. Any damages or service calls (including duct cleaning) resulting from failure to maintain the HVAC equipment as instructed will result in additional charges.

Preparing for return of the building:


Our pick-up and delivery fees do not include the removal of custom stairs, ramps, fences, or like add-ons, construction debris, landscaping or any other obstructions around or under the building. The building should be cleaned, broom swept, items on walls removed, and the site cleared of obstructions at time of pick-up.


The building must be disconnected from the utilities and the water system drained. The customer is responsible for sign-up, shut-down and the cost of all utilities associated with building use. The customer is responsible for removing all low voltage wiring, or like add-ons installed by customer and/or their subcontractors. Service charges will be applied if the building is not returned in the same clean, serviceable condition as it was when delivered.


If keys are not returned with the building, the Lessee will be assessed a rekeying charge. If locksets are altered and not re-keyed to the original key provided upon delivery, charges will be assessed.

Troubleshooting Questions or FAQ

To assist you in properly caring for the building and avoiding charges for unnecessary service calls, please utilize these troubleshooting guidelines prior to contacting our Service Department.

Electrical The lights don’t work…

Certain types of breakers appear to be on but actually are off. To reset, switch fully off and then back on again.

Some lights come on, some do not…

No power in one of the receptacles…

No power in one of the receptacles…

Breaker keeps tripping in one of the receptacles…

Remember – to operate the building properly, it must be grounded.

Hot water heater

Hot water heater not operating once filled. . .

Air conditioning (HVAC)

Instructions for changing exterior HVAC filter:

Before requesting an HVAC service call:

Air conditioner does not operate. .

Air conditioner is running, but no air is coming out of diffusers…