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  • DIR Reg. #1000012108

Our Safety

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SKC COMPANY vows strict commitment to Safety

Concerning the safety of our team, co-workers and clients first we due diligently perform our actions under the guidance of experienced functional experts. To avoid accidents at any cost, we train & educate team and workers, also provide incentive programs awareness.

Our each individual believes proactively taking care of each potential risks and problems eliminates accidents in the work environment. Safety standards are set thereby tracking safety measurements at every moment.

“Strict Commitment to Safety”

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  • Safety standards, measurements and inspections and Illness Health Care Written Safety Programs
  • Training Sessions introducing the revised and updated Safety program
  • Adherence to Local & State Rules and Regulations
  • For safety measurements, new Hire-Orientation program conducted
  • Tailgate Safety Meetings. JSA & AHA for specific projects
  • Regularly Plan for Crisis Management
  • Project Safety Inspections
  • Tracking the records maintained

Safety Manager

"My job is to maintain a safety and security plan on the assigned project. Make and document site visits & safety inspections. Review and investigate incidents and set corrective actions to prevent re-occurrence. Provide office and on-site training to employees and management. Overall enforce our safety program."

- Anthony Calderon     COSM, COSS

  • Certified Occupational Safety Manager Cert#31769052

  • Certified Occupational Safety Specialist Cert#28840036

  • Confined Space Entry Cert#150641

  • RCRA/DOT Hazardous Materials Cert#150522

  • HAZWOPER Cert#142311

  • HAZ-COM GHS MSDS Cert#1022625178

  • Job Safety Analysis Cert#1022624284

  • Fall Protection Cert#1022624285

  • Powered Industrial Trucks Cert#1022624931

Safety First

“Adjure Safety as a duty, we admire timeline for the project!”